Shreya Mehta

Shreya Mehta is an award-winning visual artist who confronts questions of identity and spirituality in her vibrant and eclectic practice. Her art—compositionally defined by its intricate layers and kaleidoscopic patterns—defies categorization, employing both representation and abstraction to showcase the latent energy that can be found at the intersection of the individual and the universal. Mehta was born in India and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, where she attended the Royal Academy of Art as its first woman of Indian origin. After graduating with the prestigious V.R.I.K.A Award, she eventually settled in New York, where she continues her practice. Mehta’s work has a global presence and has been exhibited at galleries and fairs in New York, Dubai, and Mumbai. Her paintings can also be found in several prestigious private collections, such as that of the Prime Minister of India.

Within the human subconscious mind lies a world of experiences, a wealth of memories, and connections that are built layer upon layer. It is my personal journey to rediscover the spiritual dialogue between the mind, body, soul and actions. I render these ideas that have been ignited by my curiosity and inspirational quotations into visual images. These images are woven and encapsulated with the essences of line and of beauty.

-Shreya Mehta