Arpa Mukhopadhyay

Arpa Mukhopadhyay is a professional artist based in Pune, India. She believes that art is the greatest therapy and has been painting since the age of six. She is drawn to themes of simplicity, love, and hope. Arpa enjoys working with acrylics and mixed media. Her paintings can be found in private collections in India and abroad. Within the last couple of years, Arpa’s work has been a part of numerous art exhibitions in India and abroad. 

'Nature and Man’ 
While growing up, I lived in different cities in India with my family, with the most memorable of them being the city of dreams, Mumbai. It was a huge contrast from our quaint village life in Bengal. Like any major metropolis, life in Mumbai was fast and characterized by continuous movement. The roads were always congested, the people belonged to different religions, cultures, and nationalities and the city literally never slept. Although I loved the connection to nature while in my village, I equally appreciated the man-made structures and diversity of big city life. I have always believed that man and nature can survive together in harmony, even if contradictions exist. I am saddened when I see human beings exploit the human connection with nature. My hope for a blissful co-existence between human beings and the natural world  gave rise to what I call my 'Nature and Man’ series of paintings.

“Nightscape” portrays a dreamy nightscape where we can see the charm of nature and the striking beauty of man-made architecture in blissful co-existence. In “Nightscape 2,” a bright, red moon shines over the entire cityscape giving it a brilliant glow. Elegant and delicate designs of leaves and tree branches surround this scene suggesting how nature can magnify man-made beauty. "Nature Heals Bringing Hope” depicts the winds of change in the world today due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We realized during lockdown that while human beings were confined to their homes, nature, no longer being exploited, had a chance to heal. "Ebb and Flow of Life” represents the complete lifecycle of each element within the painting from the variety of man-inhabited homes to the green pastures and golden fields, and flow of water undergoing its own cycle.

-Arpa Mukhopadhyay