Bahar Rashedi

Bahar Rashedi is an Iranian artist with an arts education from the renowned Al-Zahra University of Art in Tehran which was founded by Queen Farah Pahlavi in 1964. Bahar was born and raised in Khouzestan in the south of Iran, which is the source of inspiration of her artworks presented within this exhibition. She now resides in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. 

It’s hard for me to say when I became interested in art. It has always been with me but over time, it has become increasingly important  to me. My life now centers around art. Much of my work is inspired by the observation of nature which surrounded my childhood home in the south of Iran. I remember being captivated by the light of the sun’s rays and painting these works allows me to show the magnificence of that landscape and share where I am from. 

-Bahar Rashedi