Charuka Arora

Charuka Arora is an alumnus Of Domus Academy (Milan), Pearl Academy (New Delhi) and Delhi University (New Delhi) whose work has been exhibited at galleries and art fairs in the United States and India. She has been featured in numerous publications and blogs including Create Magazine (USA), Platform Magazine (India), Fad World Magazine (USA), Candyfloss Magazine (USA) and The Jealous Curator (USA). Charuka’s work connects contemporary elements with her traditional Indian roots. She was born and raised in Agra, the famous city of the Taj Mahal. Growing up in a household surrounded by mostly women, she embraced Indian craftsmanship such as knitting, sewing, and embroidery. Her earliest memories include visiting the local market to go textile shopping with her female family members. Charuka often relates her process of ornamentation similar to a woman dressing herself. Influenced by her educational background in fashion and design, she plays with various textures and materials to create bold, contemporary works in her quest to investigate the pyche of the modern, urban woman. Charuka's pieces often begin as a response to her own experiences and environment but evolve into something with deeper layers and meanings.

Born and raised in the small town of Agra, India, I witnessed gender disparity, women’s oppression and misogyny woven into Indian society. As a result, I began to strongly detest the cultural stereotypes embedded within my own culture. Art became a channel for me to express my resentment against these oppressions and a way for me to journal my thoughts and emotions. I consider my works to be a symphony of an urban woman’s quest for her identity and the emotional and psychological impact of this journey on her life.
I create mosaics and compositions to reflect upon these thoughts in context of contemporary issues such as gender, sexuality, and the woman’s environment. I also attempt to find the common threads between women of different cultures, geographies, and religions. Although my works are adorned and layered with Indian traditional ornaments, they are also juxtaposed with a contemporary and modern aesthetic. Each piece can be considered as a scene that invites the viewer to stitch together their own narratives, drawing upon personal experiences and thereby attributing their own meanings to the art. I have created a body of work that is visually linked to a voice that is often missing in society - the voice of a woman. 

-Charuka Arora