Divvya H. Atrii

Divvya has established a multi-dimensional career in the field of Visual Arts. She is a U.S.-based art educator, professional artist, and art advisor who graduated from the prestigious Government College of Arts in Chandigarh, India and obtained her Masters degree in Art History from Punjab University, also in Chandigarh. For the past twenty years, she has had a rewarding career in arts education in India and the New Jersey public school system. She was a founding member of Tarang, a collective of women artists, which helped launch her artistic career. Divvya has a unique style of painting where she plays with the purity of colors and traditional forms to blend them into contemporary sensibilities which she refers to as ‘folk fusion’. She has exhibited and sold her works at galleries and private events across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and India.

“Kalachakra,” 2018 

The entire universe without the energy source is stagnant and non-functional. This powerful energy which is represented as ‘Devi,’ is all encompassing. It is the very source of our origin and the world around us. Time is cyclic and in the absence of this energy would lose its functionality. 'Kalachakra', the passage of time is the primordial truth that no being can escape. Thus we are all a part of it, in it together, all on one.

“Pisces - Flow of Life,” 2019

Call it togetherness, or interdependence, yin-yang or male-female — "Pisces - Flow of Life” can be interpreted in many ways by the viewer. Each layer of color has a purposeful and unique representation of natural forms that seek inspiration from the rich repertoire of Indian folk art. 

“Whispering Conversations,”  2020

Whispering Conversations is a playful representation of the myriad of thoughts, moods and dialogues that happen in our minds. As we pause and pay attention to these thoughts from a distance, they simply become interesting stories and conversations as represented by the quirky parrots that change their stance from time to time!

-Divvya H. Attri