Gaby Gohlar

Gaby is a U.K.-based South Asian creative who produces art in hopes of raising awareness on important topics and to expand thinking beyond a patriarchal culture. Through digital illustrations, she incorporates the incredible history and opulent treasures that the Indian culture has to offer. She meticulously constructs and assembles jewels, prints and garments to produce an intricate body of illustrative work. Gaby further conveys a message through each artwork with clues from the figure's expression and body language. Through her art, she aims to educate herself and others about important social issues, whilst truly empathizing with those voices which remain unheard.

I produce digital illustrations that explore ideologies within South Asian culture. Through print, jewellery and expression, I believe my work encapsulates the history, storytelling and adornment of my Indian heritage.

The art pieces are intended to broaden our horizons as a culture and free the voices of those who have faced injustice. My artwork isn’t intended to offend anyone, but merely act as a piece of acceptance and love. It’s not about criticizing a culture, but rather an expression of how we can be even better by normalizing conversations around topics which cultures consider to be taboo. 

Each piece is produced on Illustrator. where the drawing process entails outlining basic shapes of the face and body, adding color, blending, and then providing finer details such as hair strokes or shadows. Given the level of detail, it takes roughly two days to complete a single piece of artwork. I sometimes also create short videos where I animate the jewelery to glisten or apply an effect to capture the emotions of the artwork.

-Gaby Gohlar