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"Hawa Mahal IV," 2018

$1900.00 USD

Original work by Nabiha Dahhan; part of the artist's 'Hawa Mahal' series of works. 

 Ships from Würzburg, Germany 

Edition I, 90 x 60 cm; Available, 5 pieces (numbered & signed)

Edition II, 120 x 80 cm; Available, 3 pieces (numbered & signed)

Both editions are available as Hahnemuehle Fine Art print, museum glass, or dimmable light box. See pricing below.

Hahnemuehle Fine Art print, numbered & signed, 90 x 60 cm $1900; 120 x 80 cm $4300 (ships within 7-10 days)

UltraSec® Museum Glass, numbered & signed, 90 x 60 cm $2200; 120 x 80 cm $4900 (ships within 2-4 weeks)

LED Lightbox, dimmable, numbered & signed, 150 x 100 cm (ships within 2-4 weeks) - enquire for pricing

All artworks are in strict limited editions 
that are numbered and signed and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. UltraSec® M is a most superb mounting quality:
 the photographic print is mounted behind 4 mm 95 % reflexion free crystal clear museum glass using liquid silicone. 
The backing is 1mm Signicolor (aluminium) and guarantees great stability.
 The u-profile on the back for hanging mostly has a wall distance of about 10-20 mm.
UltraSec® M is a handmade product 
and the glass may show slight surface imperfections or air pockets.
 Defects that are not visible from the distance of one meter are within tolerance 
and are no reason for exchange or refund. 
If these defects are to be completely avoided, the price rises by 5 %.