Miloni Shah

Having lived across the three continents of Asia, Europe and North America, Miloni has always drawn inspiration from her natural surroundings. Her Indian culture and its aesthetics have also been the foundation for her inclination towards art. Miloni started her journey with oils and acrylics but over time has explored and found comfort in gouache and watercolor mediums as well. Her strength lies in her understanding and control of layering soft textures with fresh color palettes. She says, “Since I was a child, I have adored creating artwork, whether from clay and mud or paints and pastels. I have found happiness in following my passion and being a self-taught artist. Living in color is the best way to describe what art means to me."

One of the most inspirational years of Miloni’s life was spent in Bath, UK where she received her MSc. in International Business studies. The city of Bath, being a UNESCO world heritage site with its Roman architecture, was nothing short of an art haven for her. She later moved to the land of lakes in Upstate New York and now resides Pittsburgh (PA), the city of hills.


This series is all about celebrating nature—sunsets, waterfalls and peaceful, luminous reflections—and the small details that make us pause and briefly enjoy a moment in time. The apparent simplicity of rich colors and soft textures is pulled into layers to create an abstract landscape. Colors and textures in the world around us are my source of inspiration and I try to combine these elements into techniques and approaches to my art. I have always been in awe of nature’s color palette and enjoy experimenting with combinations that I see around me every day. There is just something special about creating a color palette that feels alive and fresh to the eye. Creating the Dreamscape series has been a journey of self-discovery, abstractions of my own emotions and working on these pieces has allowed me to express myself in ways I never could with words alone. Every painting is a reflection of my imagination, philosophies and the journeys I’ve taken and as well as the ones I wish to take one day.

-Miloni Shah