Priya Rose Puri

Priya Rose Puri graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia in 2005. She then worked as a fashion and lifestyle photographer for many years. In 2017, deeply craving a return to working with physical mediums and expression of her own creative practice, she began experimenting with abstract ink paintings and learning ceramics at Mas and Miek Ceramic House in Brisbane, with a focus on hand-built. hand-painted ceramics. Since 2019, Priya has been based in London, UK where she continues to focus on evolving her practice to create visual narratives which run through fine art photos, paintings and ceramics to explore her subject matter across literal, abstract and physical forms.

Priya’s current work explores a deep connection with nature and the elements, following the rhythms of seasons and cycles, and rediscovering ancient and mystical practices where ceremony, ritual, goddesses and artistry connected human life with the natural and cosmic world. Through a combination of fine wall art, decorative ceramics, and printed goods she aims to transform spaces and bring beauty and contemplation to everyday moments to make life a living art.

‘Alchemy' Collection

‘Alchemy' is a series of coastal photographs, abstract seascape paintings and a seashell ceramic. There are 11 pieces in the collection.

This year has been a deep dive into an inner world and connecting deeper with nature. I came across the concept of Alchemy as a practice of inner illumination and liberation in order to live freely and unobstructed with oneself. In a time when so many freedoms and connections have been out of reach, finding this within myself and in nature have been key to living from a place of peace, often in mundane or uncertain circumstances. The wild and free landscapes of coastlines and the ocean have become a visual representation of this journey. The deep dive under the surface, the exploration, the healing and restorative quality of the waters, and finally the freedom and connection to the wild and cyclic aspects of life.

Beginning with photographs, I try to melt into the landscape and experience the feeling to depict that moment in place and time. This embodied memory comes into play when bringing the images to life in the digital darkroom, and then further as I abstract it into my paintings. Painting with alcohol inks which pool and flow on the page allows my materials to mimic the watery subject matter. Details are added in ink, acrylic and marker in small staccato movements to capture the bubbling, flowing, moving nature of waters and the life which thrives within them, exploring the rhythm and the depths as I go. The ceramic piece has been formed using the ancient nerikomi technique. Coloured clays are combined to create organic patterns depicting ocean waves. The shell is like a treasure imprinted and made more beautiful by its experience, a memento of a journey.

-Priya Rose Puri