Shalu Juneja

Shalu Juneja was born and raised in Chennai, India. She completed her post graduation studies in Fine Arts at the Stella Maris College in Chennai after which she moved to Ahmedabad where she continues to live and work. Shalu works across diverse media such as charcoal sketching, painting and sculptures. Her art delves into human beings and nature, especially the female form and has a figurative style. She loves to experiment with techniques and the spontaneous use of mark making and texture on canvas. Shalu has exhibited her work widely at galleries in India. Her latest series 'Body Language' is a beginning of a new era and a new voice which she expresses with mixed media. 

The multi-layered art that I make is the connect I feel with the ever changing imagery of the Earth. Wet mud in splashes of sienna, textures of erosions in the fibres of decay, beaded patterns formed by organisms in rust marks, and scorching earth replicated by burn marks on skin calmed by the smoothness of indigo. Such are the layers that frequently engulf my work in a contemporary repurposing, as the textured collages in my work are juxtaposed with imagery inspired by poetry or words from songs, often self-written and from my observation of a world that disturbs me with their spoken words. 

-Shalu Juneja