Sudha Basavaraj

Sudha Basavaraj is a fine art photographer based in Texas, USA whose work has been shown at galleries and art festivals across the United States and India. She works in a range of styles from the abstract and poetic, to the rich, colorful images captured during her travels to remote places across the globe. 

Everyone and everything has a story to tell. Through my photography, I hope to bring to life these stories and inspire the imagination. Over the years I have traveled the world capturing people and places. From the fairy tale inspired landscapes of central Asia to the haunting faces of child brides in Rajasthan, the body of my work is both a celebration of nature and a testament of the human condition.

As a professional I specialize in multiple genres – portraiture, landscapes, nudes and travel photography. As an individual, I care deeply for issues surrounding the upliftment of women and children and I am committed to bringing to life their stories and perspectives. My technique borders on the abstract, testing the limits of composition, color, and flow. And my style is simple and spontaneous, allowing the image to speak for itself.

I am consumed by wanderlust and it is reflected in my photography. My interest in photography and travel has taken me to remote locations all over the world.  I have been to Mestia in Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains-- where centuries-old stone defense towers loom over remote villages. Another experience has been trekking in Virunga National Park in search of the mountain gorillas- a feat that requires walking uphill and downhill through thick tangles of vines, thorns and roots- just to get the perfect shot. One other time, I braved the winter temperatures of -25 C in altitudes of over 11,500 ft in Changthang, Ladakh. But then, the reward seems that much better after all the hard work.

Through my travel and through the lens of a camera, I have been exposed to new places, people and culture — all of which have helped me develop a wider world view a citizen of the world.

-Sudha Basavaraj