Tarini Sud

Born on September 22, 1990, Tarini Sud spent her early years in the foothills of the Himalayas, where the forests of Naldhera were her playground and dogs and horses were her best friends. She attended The Lawrence School, Sanawar (near Shimla, India) and spent eight years of her life on the beautiful school campus dotted with pine trees and stunning colonial architecture. Tarini had an interest in art from an early age and has had the opportunity to be mentored by a grand master of the Bengal School of Art, Shri Sanat Chatterjee, as well as by his son, Him Chatterjee, who is currently the professor and chairman of Himachal Pradesh University's Department of Visual Arts.

Tarini also spent a year in Florence, Italy where she pursued her Masters in Fashion Communication. There, she indulged in the aesthetic pleasures of the city, practically touching the works of so many great artists, and, in a sense, experienced her own Renaissance.

Following this experience, she immersed herself in the design, development and restoration of her ancestral, dilapidated home in the heritage village of Garli in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Along with a group of local artisans, she hand-painted murals on the walls and ceilings, converting it into a boutique heritage and hospitality property managed by her family.

In recent years, Tarini has been dividing her time between the Andaman Islands, where she works as a professional deep sea diver and the remaining time in, Shimla, her hometown, where she does content creation and social media marketing for her family’s business, theater at the Amateur Dramatics Club while spending time painting in her studio and fostering dogs.

Tarini also spent time interning at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center, where she had the opportunity to handraise an orphaned leopard cub christened Bandit.

This total immersion in nature and the wild spirit of beautiful Bandit helped Tarini build a deep connection with herself, consequently influencing her psyche and her art. The untamed spirit of Bandit and the fierce feminine power, Shakti, are recurring themes on Tarini’s canvases.

The artworks showcased are part of an ongoing project. The entire series (yet unnamed) focuses on feminine energy and all of my work indefinitely brings forth a female protagonist in her raw, vibrant element. I have always drawn inspiration from nature in its untouched form, and I personally feel it should not be taken for granted. I am fairly traditional in my art process and prefer working solely with oil, acrylic, charcoal and enamel.

“Telepathy” came to life this December as part of a personal journey and a feeling of complete disconnect with myself, a feeling of not knowing who I was or where I was headed. It turned out to be therapy to reconnect with my inner self and reminded me of what the human spirit is capable of.

“Quaran-dream” on the other hand was a result of the symphony in my head during the summer of 2020. It is inspired by Dali, surrealism and minimalism.

-Tarini Sud