Urvi Sethna

Urvi Sethna is a Mumbai-based artist who holds a Visual Arts degree in Sculpture from M.S. University (Gujarat, India) and has also completed her MFA from the The Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, Czechia. Urvi’s work has been exhibited widely in India and abroad. 

Since the onset, I have equated the cells of the grid to the structures of urban architecture, invoked in the pursuit of more abstract ends, and elevating from the position of an invisible framework. This provides an organisational system that makes it easier to manipulate the rules of perception and ratio, making it my personal, disciplined playground. Sometimes, I like to keep the grid visible to portray the process, with a permeable rawness.

It is the desirable obtainance of maximum out of minimum, creating pure abstract harmony devoid of any elemental representation existing in the real world. The juxtaposition of embodied achromatic work, tactile and fragile, and the emptiness draw attention to spatial relationships— positive or negative, and absence or presence—above subject matter.

-Urvi Sethna